Omou Sirleaf Exposed; Uses Fake Deeds To Petition Supreme Court


Nohad Hage Mensah, the oldest Liberian child of the late Milad R. Hage, and her mother, Edith Hage Smith, have alleged that Omou Sirleaf and her daughter, Rockel Hage, are criminally attempting to deceive the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia by using fake deeds to claim the personal real property of Nohad Hage Mensah. 

   Edith and Nohad accused Oumou and her daughter, Rockel, of spreading lies and deceit with the deeds, which the Commercial Court established to be faked.

   The establishment of the deeds being faked came about following the submission of a report on an investigative survey conducted by the Land Services Office of the then Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, headed by the Chairman of the Investigative Survey Board, Albert D. Giah Jr.

   The Investigative Survey Report, which was submitted on August 30, 2017 to the Assigned Judge of the Commercial Court, Temple of Justice, was titled, “Investigative Survey Report in the Case Reference Survey of Private Properties in the Milad Hage Testate Estate”.

     Regarding one of Omou’s fraudulent deeds, Page 4, Count 6 (II) of the report highlighted, “We also found one Beatrice Dossen, co-signee to Oumou Sirleaf and Bachir M. Hage, when the said Beatrice Dossen name is not mentioned in the deed as being conveying party but only signed. This is strange and worth noting, as the entire narrative of the deed to Sirleaf and Bachir M. Hage shows no Beatrice Dossen, thus technically she cannot be a co-signee to the conveyance.”

  Edith Hage mensah said, “Though Omou and her daughter are going around spreading malicious lies, the fact is that the Commercial Court Judge at the time, Her Honor Eva Mappy Morgan, acting on a mandate from the Supreme Court of Liberia, reviewed the deeds submitted by Omou and Nohad, heard the arguments on both sides and all the parties agreed to an investigative survey in order to clear any doubts and in the interest of transparent justice.”

     The investigative survey was sanctioned by all the parties’ litigants and approved by the Lower Court Judge, Eva Mappy Morgan.

   Moreover, all of the parties fully participated in the investigative survey, with their selected representatives present.

    The result of the investigative survey, which was read in open court by Assigned Judge, His Honor J. Boima Kontoe, uncovered that some of Omou’s deeds were fraudulent.

   “For example,” Edith explained, “Omou submitted one deed in the Civil Law Court as evidence; later, she submitted a different deed in the Probate Court, but both of her deeds were for the exact same parcel of land.”

   The Hot Pepper was informed that the joint investigative survey uncovered that one of Omou’s deeds is without a surveyor’s name, signature and stamp on it, as required.

Fake deed presented by Omou Sirleaf in court

  Interestingly, on the other hand, the Joint Investigative Survey proved that all of Nohad’s deeds were valid and substantiated.

    “As a matter of fact, one of Nohad’s deeds matched exactly with one of the deeds Omou herself used a longtime ago as evidence in a different court case.” Edith Hage Mensah said.

     Revealingly, she said, the court gave Omou possession of her real properties and those of her biological children. “They got more than 80 stores, while Nohad Hage Mensah was given possession of her own real personal properties.,” Edith noted.

   She emphasized that Nohad Hage is listed as Milard Hage’s Liberian daughter in his last Will and Testament and a beneficiary of his estate and other properties.

  Furthermore, she underscored, Nohad Hage was named as a Movant in the case, which traveled on appeal and upon which the Supreme Court ruled in 2014.

     Given the circumstantial evidence, Nohad Hage-Mensah and her mother, Edith Hage Smith, are calling for transparent justice and urging the Supreme Court to be “guided against the lies and deception being spread by Omou and her daughter, Rockel, to mislead the court with their fraudulent deeds, which the court has already discovered.

   “With this level of exposure, it is no wonder why Omou’s army of high-profile lawyers decided to disassociate themselves from her cases due to fraud, including the late Cllr. Frederick Cheru (prior to his death), Vivian Cheru and Cllr. Emmanuel Berry etc.,”

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