Orange Liberia Launches The “IDEAL” Project; Millions of Liberians to benefit from this project


In line with the company’s ambition to “include digital in every Liberian life”, Orange Liberia has kicked off the IDEAL project with VANU Incorporated to expand Orange Liberia’s rural coverage. “In 2 years, more than 200 solar-based sites will be deployed to ensure 2-4G digital connectivity and financial inclusion in remote areas,” an Orange Liberia press release has disclosed.

   According to the release, Orange and Vanu will deploy an innovative model that will allow for a “win-win” partnership for both companies by sharing mutual opportunities. They will be using the latest mobile technology to accelerate the development of digital projects in healthcare, agriculture, education and financial services, among others. This will help to improve the overall Orange customer experience, and Vanu, with its expertise will facilitate the rollout of sites in uncovered areas of Liberia.

   The partnership between Orange Liberia and Vanu will provide technology upgrades and will be based on the innovative model of ”Network-as-a-Service” (NaaS).
Orange Liberia, in its long-term and sustainable commitment plan to Liberia, said it saw a need to change its investment model for deployment in remote areas, for a more efficient model. The quality of life of rural populations will be improved and inequalities reduced, thanks to the provision of digital services for all (voice communications, internet, mobile money, energy, etc.).

   Speaking to the press, Jean Marius Yao, CEO of Orange Liberia said, “Orange Liberia wants to “include digital in every Liberian life”. This ambition is an extension of the Orange Group’s global program called IDEAL, which stands for “Include Digital in Every African Life”. He continued by saying “On February 27, 2023, we received the OOKLA Speedtest Awards, for the second time in a row, for the Fastest Mobile Network in Liberia, the Best Mobile Network in Liberia and the Best Mobile Coverage in Liberia.

   “This means that we are the best operator in Liberia and we intend to maintain this position every year. That is why we have entered into this strategic partnership with VANU, one of the world’s leading providers of innovative rural connectivity,” the release stated.

   “Liberia’s best mobile operator is partnering with world’s leading providers of innovative rural connectivity to ensure digital connectivity and financial inclusion in remote and sparsely populated areas.

   “This two-year partnership will enable us to accelerate our rural coverage with the deployment of over 200 solar based rural sites, including at least 55 this year, so that all Liberians, no matter where they are, be able to communicate with their loved ones, communicate with their business partners, receive and transfer money using our Orange Money services, enjoy the fastest internet with the 4G technology to watch their favorite program with our Orange TV platform.”

   The CEO further reassured all customers that they have made the right choice in being with the best operator in Liberia and that Orange Liberia will continue to expand and maintain the quality of its networks, ensure affordability and diversity of its offers and products and further improve its customer experience to always live up to the trust placed in the company.

   For his part, Anoj Kumar Singh, the Vice President of Global Carrier Sales, Vanu, expressed appreciation for the partnership and said both Vanu and Orange Liberia has been in engagement about this project for the past 2 years. He expressed the need for digitalization in every Liberian life and applauded Orange Liberia for taking steps towards this initiative. He says Liberians will enjoy high speed internet and great data usage and that Vanu will provide the best sites for sustainability. He continued by saying “Vanu is pleased to provide technology and expertise in support of Orange’s coverage goals and our team looks forward to rolling out network sites across regions where extended connectivity will have an enormous and immediate impact for the uncovered population.”   

   Execution of this project will be done in accordance with environmental standards, which is a major priority for Orange Group.

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