Oumou Sirleaf Arm-Twisting Supreme Court In Milad Hage Property Case?


The oldest daughter of the late businessman, Milad Hage, is questioning the manner in which the property trial case between she, Nohad Hage-Mensah, and Oumou Sirleaf at the Supreme Court of Liberia is being handled.

   Nohad said the way the matter is going on suggests that Omou could be arm-twisting the Supreme Court by lying and misleading the court on different occasions during the course of the hearing.

     For instance, Nohad said, Oumou and Ecobank keep misleading the Supreme Court by telling the court that the Milad Hage estate is still indebted to the Ecobank and that Hage left collateral with them.

   Based on the false admission, the Supreme Court gave the Ecobank Liberia one week to bring all collateral forwarded to the bank and bring the original loan agreement between Milad Hage and the Ecobank.

      She said, five years now, Ecobank has defied the Supreme Court by refusing to bring the collateral and the original loan agreement that the Supreme Court asked them for.

       Nohad and her mother, Edith Hage-Smith, are now asking, what action the Supreme Court has taken against Ecobank since it defied the court by not bringing the collateral and the original loan agreement.

   She said this Ecobank development is embarrassing, thus urging the Supreme Court to not allow her “name to be spoiled by Oumou and her greedy partner, Ecobank”.

     However, Nohad Hage-Mensah and her mother, Edith Hage Smith, say they trust that the Supreme Court, which is the highest court of law in Liberia, will allow justice to be served in this matter.

Supreme Court of Liberia

     Nohad alleged that Oumou and Ecobank are in a deal, claiming that Ecobank gave loan to Oumou and fraudulently put Nohad’s name on the loan agreement.   She claimed that her name and signature were affixed to the loan agreement while she was out of Liberia.

     Also, Nohad Hage-Mensah and Mother said Oumou Sirleaf presented two deeds to the court for the same land. According to them, the first deed, which is the right deed, was presented in court by Oumou’s lawyer, the late Cllr. Frederick Cheru. That deed, they claimed, has on it the names of Oumou’s two children and the name of Milad Hage’s oldest Liberian daughter, Nohad, on it.

    In presenting the second deed in court, Oumou’s second lawyer, Cllr. Emmanuel Berry, presented a deed that has only Oumou’s two children names without a grantor signature, yet Cllr. Berry presented that deed in court. This caused Cllr. Cheru to take his hands off the children personal property land matter.

    Cllr. Cheru said that “his client, Oumou, has messed up and he was not going to destroy his good reputation because of Oumou’s nonsense”.

    Nohad and her mother wondered why Cllr. Berry is still pleading cases in court and has not been punished for the fraudulent behavior he exhibited in court by presenting a fake deed during the Milad Hage property case litigation.

    They claimed that the grantor’s son revealed in court that the late Milad Hage bought the land for his oldest Liberian daughter, Nohad, and his two children by Oumou Sirleaf. 

     They further revealed that Oumou Sirleaf made another deed reflecting only her two children’s names, removing Nohad’s name from the deed, a fraudulent act that the court’s investigative survey exposed was committed by Oumou and her lawyer, Cllr. Berry.

      “But, the big question is, what punishment has the Supreme Court given Oumou and her lawyer for such a fraudulent practice in court?” they wondered.

      They claimed that because the Supreme Court did nothing to Oumou and Cllr. Berry, Oumou got so brave as to call on the Supreme Court to turn over its own ruling, especially when the court did its own investigative survey that exposed the fraudulent act, but the Supreme Court still allowed Oumou to tell them to turn over its own ruling.

    Nohad and mother wondered why the Supreme Court would allow Oumou to come to them to ask them to turn over their own ruling. They emphasized that the case should have been thrown out of court because the court’s investigative survey exposed Oumou and all the fraudulent things that she did during the litigation.

      Meanwhile, while urging the Supreme Court to be mindful and legally guided in adjudicating the Milad Hage case, Nohad asked, “Where is the 10-year land conveyance law that Liberia has? Why is it not applied against Oumou and her lawyer?”

       She said since 2018 Ecobank cannot bring the collateral and loan agreement because their unholy partner, Oumou, has put them in a fix: the deed Ecobank has in its possession is in Nohad and Oumou’s two children names.

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