Over CPP’s Missing US$70K: Driver Implicates Lewis Brown, Martin Kollah


The driver accused of siphoning US$70,000 from funds intended to hold the “We Tiyah Suffering” rally on December 17, 2022, Simeon Davis, has claimed that he knows nothing about such funds, and that the leaders of the rally should explain to the Political Leader of the Collaborating Political Parties, Alexander Cummings, and the Liberian people how they spent the money.

   Speaking via Spoon Talk on Monday, January 9, 2023, Davis alleged that the Secretary General of Liberty Party (LP), Martin Kollah, and the head of the “We Tiyah Suffering” rally, Ambassador Lewis Brown, were the custodians of the funds, and so they should provide answers to the whereabouts of the money.

   He explained that he has been suffering from a spiritual problem that needed immediate attention, but due to financial constrains he could not find a solution. He said later Martin Kollah gave him US$100, and he then topped the money up to travel to a sick bush in a town in Ivory Coast to find a cure. He said he left Monrovia, and his phone had been off since.

   According to him, about a week ago he asked the herbalist’s errand boy to charge his power bank, and upon charging his phone he saw an allegation on social media that he had stolen US$70,000. He said he called Martin Kollah, but could not get him on the phone.

   The accused driver warned Kollah not to use his name to cover-up his deed because he will not die in that sick bush. “If you think I will die in this sick bush, then you’re joking; I will recover and come back to Monrovia to clear my name,” he sounded.

   He alleged that, before the protest Kollah purchased a car and distributed 2,000 bags of 25kg bag of rice in his community, and so he should tell the public how he “dished” out the money.

   Davis stated that a Cummings victory is his prayer, as it will hugely benefit him, but he will not allow anyone to use the situation of his sickness to drag his name into corruption.

   He said upon his return to Monrovia he would turn himself over to the government, and that he is prepared to undergo any investigation to bring the matter to rest.

   However, he was not clear about his departure on the day the money got missing. According to him, he was at the CPP headquarters on that day, but people saw him leaving, including the securities. He also confirmed driving Kollah’s car on that day, but said there was bag in the car. He explained that they are two assigned drivers to the car, and even though he is the official driver, the other driver is the one responsible to carry Kollah’s bag.

   The conversation was however ended abruptly due to network error, and Martin Kollah could not be reached for his side of the story.

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