Over Sen. Snowe’s Religious Bills: Over 20 Clergymen Petition Liberian Senate

Bishop Isaac Winker speaking on behalf of bishops and pastors

Over twenty Liberian bishops and pastors, representing churches in Liberia, on Tuesday, June 15, 2021  petitioned the Liberian Senate not to pass the  bills recently submitted by Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, seeking for two holiday for Muslims and one for Christians.

   Reading the petition on behalf of the bishop and pastors in the office of the Senate Pro-Tempore, Dominion Christian Fellowship’s Bishop, Isaac Winker, described Senator Snowe’s bills as inimical and product of religious crisis in the country.

   Bishop Winker said the religious bills from the Bomi County Senator is tantamount to instability and, as such, craved the wisdom of the senators not to enact any religious holiday in Liberia. “We are here representing the churches of Liberia—that it is not necessary for the plenary of the Liberian Senate to pass the bills from your colleague (Snowe) asking for Islamic holidays,” Bishop Winker stated.

   Bishop Winker further said Senator Snowe’s bills are not in the interest of peace and unity. According to him, their job as servants of God is to pray for the peace to be maintained.

   Receiving the petition from the bishops and pastors, Pro-Tempore Albert Chie acknowledged that the plenary of the Liberian Senate received bills from Senator Snowe requesting for the passage of Islamic and Christians holidays.

   Senator Chie said, after the first reading of the bills senator Snowe asked for further discussion on the three draft bills to be tabled until consultation is done regarding them.

   According to Chie, the Bomi County Senator has urged the Senate not to allow the bills to be read for the second time, in order for it not to be sent to committee room, in accordance with Senate proceeding.

   He said the bills from Senator Snowe are within his office, and have not yet been sent to the relevant committee because he (Snowe) stopped it.

   Pro-Tempore Chie assured the bishops and pastors that the Liberian Senate will look into their petition and advise the plenary of the Senate.

   Recently, Bomi County Senator presented three bills for the Liberian Senate to enact. The bills call for the establishment of Islamic and Christian holidays.

   Senator Snowe’s bills surfaced in the wake of calls by Liberian Muslims for the government to grant them holidays during the end of Ramadan and Abraham Day.

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