PABA Prexy Questions Pres. Weah: “Is This The Business Atmosphere You Promised?”


For three months now, the commercial city of Paynesville has been upside down due to the relocation of Redlight Market to Omega.

   Currently, Redlight Market has been declared by the Liberia National Police, in collaboration with other GOL security agencies, as a no-go zone for marketers.

   Speaking with the head of the businesses in Paynesville, Sheik Jalloh informed the Hot Pepper that the Paynesville Business Association (PABA) has expressed serious disappointment over the government’s action of relocating Redlight Market without proper notice to the business community in Paynesville, which led to Jalloh questioning President George Weah’s previous statement to Liberians that they will not be spectators in their own economy.

   He said Redlight Market has been a commercial hub connecting over ten counties in Liberia for years now, and the decision to relocate Redlight should have been done gradually.

   According to him, those currently being affected by GOL Omega-relocation plan are 90% Liberian citizens.

   He said for months now marketers have come Redlight with no achievement as taxpayers, including owners of private buildings and businesses.

   Jalloh noted that Omega cannot accommodate everyone, and that government must take it easy with marketers. He said he felt the business people were the heartbeat of President Weah.

   He termed the government’s action as being heartless to marketers, who had already been promised protection in their own economy.

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