Paying Poll Watchers: A Condition Necessary For 10/10/2023 Presidential And Legislative Elections

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We, Independent Candidates, Political Parties, National Elections Commission (NEC), International Community, Electoral Observers, Community Based Organizations – CBOs, Civil Society Organizations – CSOs and ordinary citizens pray for – Free, Fair, Credible, Transparent and Accountable Elections. We’re fully aware that the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections are not only critical but crucial for maintaining Liberia’s emerging democracy and securing legitimate presidency and security of the nation-state.

Let’s take Montserrado County as a case study. In Montserrado County there are 2008 Polling Places. And transparency requires complete and full Poll Watchers to specifically represent Independent Candidates, and Political Parties Candidates respectively.

We’re all aware that unless the incumbent ruling party, for the most part, Independent Candidates and Opposition Political Parties are financially struggling to meet up with the ongoing campaigns. It’s a challenging period for Independent Candidates as well as Opposition Political Parties’ Candidates to recruit the necessary number of Poll Watchers to cover the country at large.

If the National Elections Commission (NEC), international community and international electoral partners really would like to see Free, Fair, Credible, Transparent and Accountable elections on 10/10/2023, we would like to suggest the following herewith:

▪ That the National Elections Commission (NEC), in collaboration with international partners, finds and provides the necessary funds to assist Independent Candidates and Political Parties to cover the cost for retaining Poll Watchers on 10/10/2023.

If the NEC, ECOWAS, AU, EU, UNDP, and international electoral institutions really want to see the 10/10/2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections results reflecting the will of eligible voters, they should and must raise the necessary funds to be given out and accounted for by Independent Candidates and Political Parties. We challenge the Government of Liberia through NEC to lead the way of fundraising efforts in this direction.

Written by Pero M. K. Kerkula, All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) and Candidate for House of Representatives for Electoral District #17, Montserrado County.

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