Petroleum Dealers To Protest Against Street Gas Sellers


Cogent information reaching the Hot Pepper says the Petroleum Dealers Association of Liberia is holding serious meetings and contemplating on protesting on Friday as a way of calling government’s attention to street gas sellers in order to remove them from the streets.

   According to sources, the intake of purchasing petroleum products from gas stations that are legally operating are increasingly getting low on a daily basis and causing serious embarrassment to gas stations’ operators.

   The association is expected to do an official communication to the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, through the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service (LNFRS), to inform the ministry about taxes they are paying but without any gain.

   They say they want the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service to apply the public safety law in order to safe Liberia from possible danger.

   Observers have informed the Hot Pepper that too many motor vehicles are buying petroleum products from street gas sellers, as opposed to gas stations, all because the street sellers are selling their products between L$630 and L$700 while filling stations are selling theirs at L$795.

   However, a street gas sellers, Bai Jabateh, told the Hot Pepper that if the government decides to clear them from the streets that will only lead to an increase in criminal activities because it is the business they do to support their families.

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