Political Alternative For 2023?

Bernard DJ Blue Benson (wearing white shirt), Dr. Daniel Cassell and the PLP Liberation Transport bus

The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has confined itself in a position, not aligning or sympathizing with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change’s style of governance and neither holding a positive view that something good could ever come from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP)—projecting itself as an alternative for the electorate, who do not see the CDC and the CPP worthy of their political support come 2023.

   The PLP’s style of politicking—humanitarian politics—was firstly considered the traditional way politicians trick the electorate into seeing them as good people to be entrusted with power; however, the PLP scenario appears to be arguably genuine, with a set standard of taking development and aid to the downtrodden and less fortunate at any point in time, and not awaiting electioneering year for political fame and aggrandizement.

   Though less than a year old, the PLP has maneuvered to have its name stuck on the tongue of the people of Montserrado, Nimba and Margibi counties, with a number of interventions and quick-impact projects. The party is headed by Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, a reportedly wealthy medical practitioner who has returned home from the US to contribute his quota to his motherland, and Chaired by Wilmot Paye, former Chairman of the Unity Party (UP).

   The party recently introduced what it termed as “Liberation Transport”, with buses commuting passengers between Redlight and Broad Street for L$20 (twenty Liberian dollars)—a distance normally charged L$50 by buses and L$180 by taxi cabs.

   Over the weekend, the PLP promoted 78 (seventy-eight) members of the party to the position of Liberators, and inducted Bernard Benson, alias DJ Blue, as the party’s Vice Chairman for Mobilization and Recruitment. DJ Blue contested the senatorial seat for Montserrado County and came only behind Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and the CDC candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah. DJ Blue has not been a member of any political party—until he was recruited by the PLP and now serves the recruitment arm of the institution.

   Also, Kansualism Kansuah, a former Unity Party stalwart who recently joined the PLP with 103 other persons, has been inducted as Secretary General of the party. On the sidelines, famous musicians, Teddy Ride and Sundaygar Dearboy, have declared themselves official members of the PLP, along with the Margibi All Star.

   Leaders of the PLP have emphasized that the opposition environment is not a waiting room for corrupt individuals to regroup or conspire to unseat another group.

   According to them, there is no evidence in history that consummate tribalists and conventional politicians who reject truth and do not promote integrity but fear those who stand up against dishonesty within their own organizations have the spine to lead transformation in any society.

   They argued that integrity does not change its character or nature, no matter what. “While it exposes the ills and evils done by others, it distances itself from that which is committed under its nose,” they noted.

   The PLP leaders also argued that no political party, alliance or coalition, however good the intentions may be, can present itself as a viable alternative if it fails and/or refuses to hold its own members and leaders accountable for their evil deeds and conduct.

   They urged the electorate to join them to liberate Liberia from corruption, nepotism, sectionalism and tribalism, as the time is now, and they are ready.

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