“Prince Johnson Is An Ungrateful Soul”–Says Menkarzon


Nimba County Senatorial Aspirant, Dopoe G. Menkarzon, has described Senator Prince Y. Johnson as confusionist and an ungrateful soul to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), who has squandered the opportunity of Nimbaians for his selfish gain.

    Speaking in an interview on Tuesday with reporters, Menkarzon claimed that, despite the government’s effort for Senator Johnson, he has turned the county to division.

   According to him, if Senator Johnson thinks the government is doing things that are against Nimbaians it should be discussed by the caucus rather than an individual making decisions in his interest.

   He added that they are afraid of Senator Johnson’s current reaction to the Weah government, which he stated is a clear manifestation of tribal conflict.

   He further revealed that Senator Johnson has served Nimba for 18 years and, as such, the elders of the county have decided to retire him come October 2023.

   The senator-hopeful maintained that Senator Johnson has deceived the people of Nimba for long and made himself rich.

   “My message to Prince is that, anything you do too much becomes a mess. Deceiving people when it is too much and majority get to notice that you are a decietful person—it has bad reward. We should stop deceiving our people. We should stop deceiving our people. We should stop self-gain by using other people for you alone to benefit.

   “Yes, yes because knowing your party status before, your party was down. You yourself was down. You went in election you failed the first round then you decided to join Weah for the second round. Yes, we agree we won and they give you the privilege and all rights. Every job that in Nimba County you alone can determine who can go there, and everyone you put there was your party people, but we are all Nimbaians. That’s what make your party strong; now you are standing to challenge the Coalition.”

   “President Weah made mistake by saying Prince Johnson is the only gateway to job opportunity to Nimba citizens,” he asserted.

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