“Quality Education, Conducive Atmosphere Is Our Priority”

Tender Heart Foundation

As the issue of quality education remains a priority to the Government of Liberia (GOL) and its people, the Founders of  Tender Heart, Neezoe  intersection, have said, informing this paper that they are  providing quality education at their institution.

   According to Cheap Pah, prior to the formation of Tender Heart they had been in academia since 1996.  They said, having been in academia for that period of time, they decided to provide some of the solutions to the educational sector. 

    Chea Pah noted that their school also provides vocational skills for students. According to him, some of the issues confronting Liberia’s education is the lack of career programs by school owners.

   He continued that their focus is to have the less fortunate children of Liberia educated; that is why their tuition is affordable by the public.

   The school was established four years ago and seems to be one of the fastest growing schools in Liberia, in terms of structure and students. It operates in many buildings with upstairs and downstairs classrooms.

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