Rep. Aspirant Komoyan Donates Rice To Old Folks In District #3


As Liberians face serious challenge to get their staple food, rice, at the usual price due to its scarcity and hiking in price, Montserrado County’s district #3 aspirant, Patrick Komoyan, has turned a new page in the old people’s live by supplying them with 100 bags of 25kg rice over the weekend.

   The humanitarian gesture that will cover the entire district started in Wein Town, Pipeline, with 50 bags of 25kg rice. It targeted 100 old folks whose ages ranged from 60 years and above.

   “We are not serving each person per bag of rice, but will give each cups of rice,” S. Marker Sakpa, Media Relation Officer of Team Komoyan said during the ration at Daniel Cheap intersection. “Tuesday, we will go Neezoe and other communities until we cover all the old people in the district.”

   At present, a bag of 25kg rice is sold for L$5,000 or more, and a cup of rice is sold for L$100 or more. Large families and the downtrodden masses are victimized and pinned to the ground of starvation and denial, a situation that has compelled every Liberian to take cassava and its products as staple food.

   “Hon. Komoyan purchased the 50 bags of 25kg rice to identify with the old people in this hard economic time,” Sarkpa said. “Working people are struggling to buy cups of rice to feed their families; then what about the old people who are not doing anything but just sitting home?”

   This is not Komoyan’s first time giving out rations to old folks. The recent one equates his good gesture to seven, according to one of the beneficiaries, who is familiar with Komoyan’s humanitarian plan.

   “l thank my son, Patrick, for always being there for us. I don’t have rice to cook,” Ma Solomato said. “People [who] get money can’t do what Patrick is doing.”

   The donation scene, which was a place of attraction of old folks, whose ages ranged from 60 to 80, got cups of rice each and went home with smile and joy.

   “We thank Patrick very much for the rice, and let God bless him for what he keeps doing for us. Anything he puts his hand on will be blessed,” some of the beneficiaries said, as they walked home with their rice.

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