Rep. Kogar Wants Cyprus Gov’t To Use Diplomatic & Political Approach In Handling Student Varmie’s Alleged Rape Case


Nimba County’s district #5 Representative, Samuel G. Kogar, is calling on the government of Cyprus and the European High Commission accredited near the Capital for a thorough assessment and evaluation of the way authorities are investigating the alleged rape and sexual harassment case involving Abraham Q. Varmie, a Liberian student studying banking and finance in Rauf Dentask University, Magusa, Northern Cyprus.

   According to a press release issued by the office of Representative Kogar on Monday, April 18, 2022, student Varmie was accused of sexual harassment and rape and has been charged by the police.

   The release further noted that student Varmie is being harassed and hunted by the parents of the alleged victim, which is evident by a number of text messages sent to him by the same girl that her parents were doing everything possible to settle scores with him (Varmie).

   According to the release, the issue of a stage-managed sexual harassment case from Cyprus is not isolated. The release also mentioned a case that was reported on January 31, 2020 with a British teenager who was convicted for falsely accusing 12 Israelis of gang rape. Following the retraction, according to the release, the alleged abusers were permitted to leave the country and investigation into the claims was dropped.

   “Over time, we have followed with keen attention the lack of sensitivity in handling cases of such nature of an African flavor by law enforcement, justice system, institutional biases and discriminatory process, leave suspects without access to justice and give complainant impunity,” the release noted.

   Representative Kogar, according to the release, is calling on the government of Cyprus and the European High Commission to use their diplomatic and political clouts to mitigate the issue in a way that is settling.

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