Rep. Suacoco-Dennis Claims: “Weah Can’t Govern Liberia”


Montserrado County Representative, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis, has joined in the fray between President George Weah and Alexander Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), referencing the scenario involving the pair as a reoccurrence of similar situation in Biblical times and Liberian history.

   In a letter dated August 31, 2022, Representative Dennis said, to avoid misinterpretation by blind loyalists and people with poor comprehension skill that she has insulted the highest seat, she based her intervention in the rivalries between President Weah and Cummings on the “Holy Book of Matthew and what is believed to be the spoken Word of the soon coming King”.

   Speaking in context, Representative Suacoco referenced the scenario between Weah and Cummings to the scenario between Albert Porte and President William V.S. Tubman, wherein Porte tried to advice the President at the time not to venture into luxury, by purchasing a U$150,000.00 yacht at the time and instead invest the amount elsewhere.

   “As Tubman was hailed yesterday by a limited people for a situation that has caught up with us today, and Liberia is behind today in terms of infrastructure development, similarly it is happening in modern times between Cummings and President Weah,” Representative Suacoco said in her letter.

   She said while she views Cummings’ letter as something “Holy and worthy of acceptance and as a pearl, sadly it was trampled upon and tattered upon” by the President.

   Representative Suacoco admonished Cummings, however, to continue telling the Liberian people what he can and will do for them because, according to her, “Nobody is interested in him correcting Mr. Weah anymore,” she said.

   Representative Suacoco said in her letter that the Liberian people know that “President Weah cannot govern Liberia”.

   “The business community knows this; the Religious community knows this; the international partners know this. ECOWAS is aware of the poor governance and lack of respect for the rule of law,” her letter said.

   According to the Montserrado County Representative, “The only people who do not know that President Weah cannot govern Liberia are Jorwean and Weahcian. Even True CDCians know this plain fact,” she said.

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