Rep. Zarzar To Contest 2023’s Senatorial Race In Sinoe


Sinoe County’s district #3 Representative, Matthew G. Zarzar, has declared his intention to contest the county’s senatorial election come 2023 presidential and general elections.

   Representative Zarzar, who has vowed to become victorious in the 2023 race, said a plan has been put in place to achieve success in the process.

   He said right now many citizens in the county are standing ready to elect him based on his numerous developmental contributions to the county, which has helped to impact the lives of several citizens in all the districts over the years since his election as a representative of the district a few years ago.

   Representative Zarzar made the declaration at the weekend when he held a town hall meeting with Jedepo Statutory District citizens in Monrovia, held in the Borough of New Kru Town.

   The Sinoe County lawmaker admonished the citizens of the county to put aside their political, religious and tribal differences and work with the leaders of the county to promote peace, unity and reconciliation for the development of the county.

   He clarified that, when it comes to the senatorial race, there is no left and right bank of the Sinoe River, which has been a political division among the people of the county. He explained that, during the administrations of the late William V.S. Tubman and William R. Tolbert, all senators who served the county came from Greenville, and it was not done on left and right bank issue.

   The lawmaker said the paramount thing now is for the citizens to elect a humanitarian and development-oriented person, and not the issue of the two banks of the river.

   He assured the people of Jedepo that their district will not be left out during the county development projects to help improve their living standard.

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