School Proprietor Wants GOL Provide Subsidy To Private Schools


A secondary school proprietor in the country has called on the Government of Liberia (GOL) to provide subsidies to private accredited learning institutions in Liberia.

   The statement of J. Lewis Doddo, Proprietor of E.J. Conqueror School System, district #3, Monsterrado County, comes from the backdrop of his school’s involvement in providing low enrollment fees over the past four years.

   According to him, following a survey conducted by him and his team years ago they got to know that many parents are unable to send their children to school due to the lack of financial support.

   He noted that, predicted upon this, they decided to support the Government of Liberia (GOL) by creating an affordable means for parents to send their children to school.

   He said the school’s objective is not profile-making, but support to the government in addressing the need for adequate education for the citizens of Liberia. At the same time, Doddo also commended the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education for steps taken so far in transforming the educational sector of Liberia, but observed that more support is needed for private schools to address challenges affecting their operation.

   Currently, over two hundred and fifty students are set to enroll at the E.J. Conqueror School System, district #3.

   The proprietor indicated that, with financial aid, they will decentralize the school across district #3 and Liberia at large, in order to help parents who do not have the means of sending their children to school.

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