Sen. Naatehn Justifies Use of US$30,000


The Office of Gbarpolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn, has sharply reacted to statements it terms as misinformation in the public space concerning the disbursement and use of the US$30,000 that was recently received by members of the National Legislature as legislative engagement funds.

   A statement from the Office of the Senator Naatehn under the signature of Chief of Staff, Johnson Goeto, said the money, upon receipt by the office, was immediately disbursed to fund various projects across the county.

   According to the statement, the office of the Gbarpolu Senator completed the disbursement of the first 15K of the funds on July 7, 2021, which affected various sectors and institution in the county, and at the same time published the listing of projects that benefited on July 8, 2021.

   The statement further revealed that during the disbursement exercises, the Chief Jallalone Memorial Hospital in Bopolu received US$4,000, the Voice of Gbarpolu, a local radio station in Bopolu, US$3,000, while the Gbarma Clinic was given US$1,000, among others.

   The office of Senator Naatehn, through the statement, disclosed that the full amount of the 30K legislative engagement fund, though received by the office of the Senator was used on projects that will positively benefit the citizens of the county, adding that the senator will continue to positively impart the lives of citizens of the county.

   According to the statement, the final batch of the funds was used to benefit other areas, including the Sawmill Public School, which received US$1,200,  Fassama  Town, US$1,200, and the Barloma Town, US$1,130, among others.

   The office of Senator Naatehn is meanwhile urging members of the public and citizens of Gbarpolu to always contact his office for any information needed for public consumption before making statements that might have the propensity of impugning the reputation of public officials, especially those in the media.

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