“Squanderers Kingdom”–Disenchanted Partisans Describe Unity Party; Pledge Support To Pres. Weah’s Re-election Bid


A group of youth under the banner, “Disenchanted Unity Party Partisan for President Weah’s Re-election”, has described the Unity Party (UP) as a “squanderers kingdom”, suspending their membership with the UP and declaring their support for President George M. Weah’s re-election bid in the ensuing 2023 general and presidential elections.

   In their statement of petition to President Weah over the weekend, the Disenchanted UPists extended an apology to the Liberian leader and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for fighting and wrongly judging them over the past years, stating that they were a part of the reasons why President Weah’s victory was prolonged during the 2017 election. “We took the votes that were due to a true and patriotic son of the soil and wasted them on a squanderer, which caused the election to go to a second round, instead of President Weah winning the 2017 election on a first round basis,” the disenchanted UPists sounded.

   Giving reasons why they chose to suspend their membership with the Unity Party (UP), the group said, “We are tired of being in the Squanderers Kingdom, where resources and many opportunities have been squandered by the Squander-in-Chief and other baby squanderers—a place that people take what belongs to babies and gives it to dogs.

   “We are tired of being in an environment that is full of class system, where the voices of the commoners are always unheard because they are not connected to people of a certain class.

Flashback: When some of the disenchanted UP partisans served the Youth for Boakai Election in 2017

   “We are disenchanted to be in a party that the political leader has a high level of ingratitude and insincerity. How can you work for over forty years, including 12 years as Vice President, earned millions of dollars from taxpayers’ money and, after squandering lots of opportunities which should have benefited the ordinary people, you still come back to tell the same people that you are living on loan. Fellow citizens, this is not just being insincere to men or to the state, but ungratefulness to God our provider.”

   According to the group, they will not support the Unity Party because officials of the party do not care about the wellbeing of their partisans, never show concern when one is sick, but will support militants to carry out violence and insult government officials, and when the militants are taken to court they drive in convoy to free the militants on bail.

   “We are tired of being in a party that is marred by high level of deception. What they could not have done in 12 years but want someone to do it in 6 years…how possible is that? Where were you when Madam Sirleaf, your former standard-bearer and the recent past President of the Republic of Liberia, said that after her term in office the next government will suffer to recover the country? The Madam made said statement because she knew the collective danger that you people caused this country, and for the country to recover from said danger it is only possible by an expert president, like H. E. Dr. George Mannah Weah, who is currently doing just that. Can this country take five years to get out of the pit that you took 12 years to put it in? I say NO?” the group wondered.

   The petition ceremony was held in district #12, Montserrado County, and the statement was received by the Chairman of the CDC Youth League, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson, on behalf of President Weah.


   According to the disenchanted Unity Party partisans, their support for President Weah is based on his national policies geared toward improving the Liberian society and lifting the citizenry out of abject poverty, which include the tuition-free policy of all public universities and colleges across the country; the WASSCE fees payment for all 12th graders and the reimbursement of graduation fees of many private universities; the construction of feeder and major roads, hospitals, parks youth-friendly centers and other public buildings; the promotion and protection of human rights.

   Receiving the petition, CDC Youth Chairman, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson, welcome the youth group on board, and assured them of CDC government’s commitment to continue its people-driven initiatives.

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