Statistician Calls On Policymakers, Others To Value Their Own


The Biblical quotation, “A prophet is not respected in his home town,” is common in the Liberian society. As a result, talented citizens whose gifts could expose Liberia to the world have been abandoned to die in poverty.

Despite that, a Liberian Statistician, Musa M.F. Kouma-Dethro Kromah, has news for the society. As Liberians often praise other nations in the world for having the best scientists, statisticians, educators, students, justice system, among others, Kromah says it can be done here if Liberia adapts the culture of valuing talent and well-educated citizens’ output.

Kromah, a political projection analyst, says that in Liberia, it is difficult for people to take projection serious.

“It is something done in the Western world politically, so that policymakers know what lie ahead of them when it comes to decision-making,” he said.

His mentors, Nathaniel Read Silver and Pathragoras, have qualified him to project more election events in Liberia.

“I had advised some top Liberian politicians, such a Saah Joseph—in 2011 and 2023,” he said. “In 2011, when he contested for the Representative post, I showed him data analysis about his challenge; he worked on it and won. Likewise his reelection in 2023.”

Well knowledgeable in that field, Kromah said he often uses mathematical equations, philosophical analysis and historical variables to derive at his findings. He observed that his numerical variables and non-variables method qualified him to conclude that the Coalition for Democratic Change could not win the 2023 elections.

According to him, constituent derivative analog is the mathematical analog that derive postulate coefficient based upon analogical factors, for which irregularities and rigging or other undemocratic factors cannot be postulated using scientific elements, in order to flip the odd.

“This Data Analysis is not partisan; it is free of partisan politics…Science depends on mathematical expression which is exactitude. This is math, which is nonpartisan…and science doesn’t hide,” he said.

According to his analog calculation using the constituent derivative, he projected that the results of the run-off elections were within this quantum…, the number attached reflect the numbers of counties won in the first round of voting by each political party. Therefore it indicates Unity Party won seven counties, with his percentage (52.20%), and the Coalition for Democratic Change won eight counties with 47.8%

“Note, this is my final projection for the run-off election,” he noted.

He informed the Liberian public that Liberians are able to do as other countries’ nationalities.

Statistician Kromah has two bachelor degrees from the University of Liberia: one in Accounting with emphasis in economics, and the other in Public Administration with emphasis in Demography.

“My projection or data analysis for the October 10 general elections and run-off election on November 14 were 90% and 97% accurate,” he said. “I researched over 195 elections in the world as a way of deriving at the methods that project election results in any competition.”

His analyses can be traced on his Facebook page with name Prince Musa, and can be contacted on number 0775509359.

His role model, Nathaniel Read Silver, is an American Statistician, writer, and porker player, who analyzes baseball, basketball and elections.

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