“Take Ownership Of OGP’s Action Plan”

Commissioner of Liberia Maritime Authority, Lenn Eugene Nagbe

Former Information Minister and Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), Eugene Nagbe, has cautioned the government to take complete ownership of the Open Government Partnership (OGP)’s action plan which, according to him, is in line with the Coalition for Democratic Change’s “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD)”.

   Commissioner Nagbe made the plead on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 in Monrovia when he officially launched the national action plan of the OGP. He said for too long the government has depended on international partners and foreign countries for support to carry out its projects; now, it is about time for the government to take ownership and support OGP’s action plan.

   The former Information Minister emphasized that, since the action plan of OGP is the responsibility of government to deliver on its commitments, which will improve the livelihood of its citizens, the project needs to be fully supported by government instead of the government depending on international partners for funding. He applauded OGP Secretariat and the Steering Committee for the launch of the action plan.

   For his part, OGP Liberia point of contact, Deputy Minister of MICAT, Atty. Daniel Gayedyu Jr., averred that OGP’s operation is to ensure transparency, accountability, responsiveness and engendering policy reform. The need for government to fund OGP action plan, according to Deputy Minister Gayedyu, cannot be over-emphasized.

   Minister Gayedyu has therefore urged government ministries and agencies to deliver their commitment, as planned, and work with the OGP Steering Committee and the Secretariat on how those commitments are achieved.

   Giving the overview of the OGP action plan, OGP head of Secretariat, Ralph Jimmeh, disclosed that OGP has five thematic areas: transparency, accountability, integrity, citizens’ participation and inclusion, policy reform and harnessing e-governance. Jimmeh stressed that the five thematic areas are based on principles and values of OGP.

   He revealed that OGP’s participating countries declare their commitment on the values to increase the availability of information about government activities and support civil participation. The program also seeks to increase access to new technologies for openness and accountability, as well as implement the highest standards of professional integrity.

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