Tamma TV Hosts National Heritage Culture Challenge


The Founder and CEO of Tamma Cooperation, Abdullah L. Kamara, has disclosed that they are hosting a national heritage and culture challenge, the first of its kind in Africa.

   The national heritage challenge, Kamara said, is a cultural challenge just like the national county meet tournament, where the culture of all 15 counties clash to determine which one is most unique and has more to offer. The objective, he added, is to establish a national inheritance that will unite all Liberians.

   According to Kamara, the competition will create a platform for some of these very unique people to have an opportunity to showcase their talent.

   He noted that on Friday, December 23, 2022 they will be entering the heritage village to host up to 75 contestants from each county. “They will be entering the village for 5 weeks and will be competing in various categories for the most beautiful in terms of culture. We are not looking at face but the cultural element,” he asserted.

   He said from the strongest warrior to the display of food, fishing and other physical challenges will be held; leadership styles such as town chief—the way they judge cases—will also be considered. “We will have wedding divorces and other components of the competition,” he added.

   Kamara said each county will be represented even though there are some requirements, and they are still waiting for more counties to enter the competition.

   Each county, he said, will have a voting court that will be shared with the general public, disclosing that the voting will be conducted on TipMe and/or E-Wallie.

   “We intend to build a cultural center in the county that will be included in the competition. It’s not just a win for the contestants but the county that will emerge victorious,” Kamara continued.

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