Taylor’s Daughter Promises Excellent Leadership For D-5


Charlyne A. Taylor, one of the youngest daughters of former President Charles Taylor, is said to be making headway among contestants of district#5’s representative seat.

   Speaking shortly with Taylor on her platform for district #5, she noted that her leadership will modernize the entire district.

   According to her, her leadership will prioritize human capital investment. The district#5 female contestant noted that key on her agenda of her leadership would be safe environment for dwellers of the district, crafting of laws and programs to impact lives in the district, providing high support to entrepreneurs, as well as support to education and health.

   She said district #5 citizens over the years have experienced these challenges, and promised that her leadership, if elected, will address these issues and others confronting the livelihood of the district’s citizenry.

   She promised that her leadership will be a people- centered one in order to incorporate all.

   District #5 has many contestants, but former President Charles Taylor’s daughter is said to be making headway because of the many development initiatives she has undertaken in the district to address the wellbeing of its citizens.

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