“There Will Be No More Rebel Checkpoints In Liberia”; Pres. Weah Declares


Amidst threats of mayhem from ranking officials of the Unity Party (UP) that the country would return to its dark days should the Weah administration attempt to rig the October 10, 2023 general and presidential election, President George M. Weah, upon his return from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday, September 23, 2023 declared that there will be no more rebel checkpoints in the Republic, and the citizenry should not give attention to those making such reckless statements. 

   “I want to say to all of those under the sound of my voice…I want to say to God be the glory, and in God we are confident that there will be no more rebel checkpoints in this Republic of Liberia. We are on the path of prosperity. Even though Liberia has had some difficulties, we believe in democratic tenets, and we believe in peace. This country, going forward, will remain peaceful, and governments will come and governments will go. 

   “Those who are threatening you…do not mind them. On October 10 you will wake up from your beds and go to the polls and make your choice. Don’t allow anyone to make you afraid. Liberia went through great difficulties, but we believe in democratic processes, and will make sure that we maintain that way, because the will of the people is our will,” President Weah observed.  

   Recently, major opposition figures have been threatening dangerous moves should the outcome of the October 10 election not meet their judgment of free, fair and transparent, with a warning that they would revert the peace of the country.

   Former rebel leader now Senator of Nimba County, Prince Y. Johnson; former rebel leader now Man of God, Joshua Milton Blahyi (alias Gen. Butt Naked); and former NPFL fighter now Representative of Montserrado County’s district #10, Yekeh Kolubah, are fast becoming the new faces of the Unity Party (UP)—the party that has continued to threaten war if it is not satisfied with the election results.

   On Sunday, the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), a constituent party of the Unity Party (UP), held a press conference and, again, threatened to bring war upon the country if the West, ECOWAS and AU attempt to impose a President on Liberia. 

   The EFFL leader, Emmanuel Gonquoi, told newsmen that gone are the days when the West imposed leaders on Liberia without any reaction from the masses, and described ECOWAS as only capable of making press statements and its delegates flying expensive jets, residing in luxurious hotels and eating the best of foods while the masses suffer. He described the “action” of the West as colonialism and neo-colonialism, and that they will rise up if such decision is made in October. 

   Gonquoi claimed that the National Elections Commission (NEC), the body clothed with the Constitutional authority to lead the country to a peaceful election, is the same body undermining the very peace it claims to protect, noting that elections are not rigged on election day but through the process that lead to the election. 

   According to him, the NEC informed the public there were some 3,000 duplicate registrants on the voter roll, which amounted to 27,000 duplications. But Gonquoi argued that it is impossible for the 3,000 registrants to amount to 27,000 duplications, even if each registrant registered seven times. 

   The EFFL leader warned that they are not taking the election lightly, and that they will bring war if the election is rigged and hunt all those involved.  

   However, at the special thanksgiving and intercessory service at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Church, President Weah underscored the need to continue to be inspired to push the country forward. He noted that he contested in three elections as a presidential and vice presidential candidate against the same individuals who are threatening war. “Are they telling us that they cheated?” he wondered. 

   President Weah expressed the hope that the Liberian people will vote for him again as they did in 2017. “Let us continue to be inspired to push our country forward. I am ready. I am prepared, and I know the Almighty God will bless me. On October 10 my people will give me my birthday gift,” he maintained.  

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