Trauma Healing Seminar Well Attended; As Hundreds Troop In

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Over two hundred people are attending a trauma healing seminar this week. The on-going trauma healing seminar was organized by Bates Foundation.  Bates Foundation is a religious-based organization whose objective is to restore hope to Liberians, after the civil war, through it services to the public.

   Currently, hundreds of people from various institutions across Liberia are gracing the five-day seminar at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship.

   Speaking with the Executive Director of Bates Foundation, Charles Ledlum-Bates, he said the foundation’s primary objective is to provide hope for Liberians through its trauma healing program.

   According to him, many people suffer from trauma due to the civil crisis that took place in the country, and if the mindset of the people is not stabilized through trauma counseling the society will continue to face some problems.

   Already over one thousand people, called “at-risk youth”, are suffering due to the lack of trauma counseling and other needs.

   The Executive Director of Bates Foundation said that the seminar focuses on various kinds of counseling, and that each participant at the seminar stands to receive a certificate at the end of the training.

   For his part, Jefferson Knight, Program Director at the New Life Drug Rehabilitation Center, United Methodist Church (UMC), praised his development counterpart for coming into the country and providing such a worthy seminar.

   He said members from his rehabilitation center are also in attendance.

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