UNIBOA President: “My Administration Will Focus On Two Primary Areas”


The newly inducted President of the United Bassa Organizations in the Americas, Abraham Williams, has said that his administration will focus its attention on two primary agendas: domestic and international matters.

   He spoke recently during the inauguration ceremony of him and his code of officers in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, on March 5, 2022.

   UNIBOA President said at the domestic level UNIBOA will help its members abroad to grow and be financially successful. He said it is through their growth that UNIBOA can also build, grow and expand its workings to achieve its international objectives.

   According to him, his administration will focus on the following initiatives: Jobs, employment and training services known as the JETS. Under this pillar, he said UNIBOA cannot just collect dues, contributions and support from its membership chapters without providing the leadership and assistance the chapter needs to grow in size and revenue.

   The president also mentioned that UNIBOA must be able to help each chapter to grow and achieve its local goals, and by doing so contribute to the growth of the organization.

   He continued that he and his team will develop key strategies in the area of increase in chapters’ membership through diversity and increase the number of chapters through aggressive outreach and recruitment. The UNIBOA leader said they will focus their attention on helping the young people from the four Bassa-speaking counties about the importance of their culture and traditional values.

   According to the new leadership, more support and funding will be given for UNIBOA cultural heritage and traditional values through cultural awareness and teaching, and through UNIBOA culture youth camp. At the international agenda level, the new team will focus on healthcare, immigration service, legislative engagement, scholarship, accomplishment, among others.

   Those inducted are Abraham Williams, President; Joseph Reeves, Vice President; J. Cephas Davis, Secretary General; Daniel Moore, Treasurer; and Nukey Richards, Financial Secretary.

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