West Point Elders Split Over Leadership Struggle


The West Point Elders Council is reportedly split, with one group being led by Martin Lartey as its Chairman, and the second faction chaired by Daryou. The division followed allegation levied against the Lartey group: the group allegedly received US$500 and thirty-two campaign T-shirts from a one-time presidential candidate during the 2017 elections, McDella Cooper, as an inducement to vote for her this time around.

   The Daryou faction further accused the Lartey side of being supported by the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). As the impasse continues, the Lartey group too has alleged that the Daryou faction enjoys the full backing of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

   But the Lartey group has dismissed the Daryou group’s claim, as the Daryou faction has also refuted the Lartey allegation. However, the Secretary General of the Daryou side, Alfred Taylor, has disclosed that Lartey and his group were suspended for time indefinite, which Lartey has objected to, saying he is the legitimate head of the entire West Point Elders Council. He vowed to formally write the Ministry of Internal Affairs, political parties, local and international organizations not to do business with the Daryou group. Daryou said he will do the same.

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