West Point Gets COVID-19 Food Supply

Food distribution near West Point Central Mosque

Residents of West Point, district #7, Montserrado County, have begun receiving their portion of the most-publicized COVID-19 stimulus package of President George M. Weah’s administration. The COVID-19 food stimulus package distribution started in the slum community of West Point on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, and the distribution is continuing in other parts of the community.

   West Point has seven zones with 37 blocks, and all the blocks are expected to be served within a five-day period. West Point is among the populated communities within Montserrado County, and considered a slum community. The area continues to suffer from sea erosion almost every year.

   Residents of the community were seen in a jubilant mood following the arrival of the World Food Program (WFP) trucks, loaded with bags of rice, bean and gallons of oil and the government COVID-19 food distribution steering committee. The main Street of West Point was an interesting scene as the street was busy with residents transporting their share of the COVID-19 food.

   Speaking to this medium during the start of the distribution process, John Kollie, a resident who has spent over thirty years in West Point, told the Hot Pepper that he is too excited to see such donation coming from the government, especially during this global pandemic period. He told the reporter that he is a long-time supporter of President George M, Weah and, therefore, the gesture is welcomed during this time of economic hardship.

   Another resident, Philip Toe, appreciated the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) government for identifying with citizens during this Covid-19 pandemic period. He called on the President to continue with the food distribution process and forget the daily politics, which he claimed is intended to stall the process intended to benefit the most vulnerable citizens. He urged citizens who have not received their share of the food to wait for the government’s appropriate time for the distribution.

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