WONGOSOL Seeks More Women In Legislature


As women representation at the National Legislature remains at a minimum level over the years, the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL) has intensive their advocacy in seeking for more women representation at the Legislature in the pending 2023 presidential and general elections.

   According to the Executive Director of WONGOSOL, Esther S. Davies Yango, women make up more than fifty percent of the population, but their numbers at the Legislature cannot influence major decision-making concerning issues affecting them and children in the country.

   Director Yango made the assertion over the weekend at the end of a two-day seminar for WONGOSOL’s five-year strategic plan, held under the theme, “Strengthening the Roadmap for Women’s Involvement in National Development”, with support from the UN Women and OXFAM. The seminar was held in Monrovia.

   She noted that the amendment of the new election law of 2016 will go a long way in providing space for women’s active participation in the democratic process and allocate more seats for women through their respective political parties.

   She asserted that putting women at the center of decision-making at the national leadership level of the country will improve the socio -economic development of the nation.

   Director Yango explained that WONGOSOL will support more women candidates in the pending elections regardless of their political affiliation.

   She explained that women have been marginalized and neglected over the years as a result of traditional and customary practices. She lamented that, if Liberia should move forward in its developmental drive, women should be empowered in every sector of the nation’s developmental drive—politically, economically and socially—to help transform Liberia for the better.

   Director Yango has however urged women to be supportive of women in leadership position at all levels: community, township, district, county and national levels, for the proper stewardship of the Liberia.

   She pinpointed that WONGOSOL has more than 150 women organizations representing the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia, and it is critical at this time that women not sit behind in the forward match of the country, but challenge their male counterparts to enhance the development of the nation.

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