Youth, Elders In Nimba County Rallying Support For ALP Former Nimba Chairman

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Some elders and youth in Nimba County’s district #2 are gathering support for the All Liberian Party (ALP) former Chairman for Nimba County, Bob Yeakezie Yini, for his support and constant visit in the Garr Clan region.

   In recent time, some youth and elders of Garr clan, Nimba County, which comprises of over 10,000 registered voters, have resolved to campaign for the former ALP Nimba Chairman.

   The Garr Clan comprises of Gbidi Camp three, Gbedin Gompa and Gbedin Town.

   A program over the weekend was organized in Garr by some youth and elders, giving their unwavering support for the project the district #2 aspirant is undertaking.

   A prominent elder of Nimba, who preferred not to be named, said the Garr region is where the representative, Prince Togba, was overwhelmingly voted into office but his alleged turned back has created an unfavorable response from the people of the region. “Trust me, come 2023 he dare not to try and enter here for vote; he will be booted out massively,” the unnamed elder said.

   “The same way he is winding his dark car glasses up when driving on this road, it is the same way we will wind our vote up against him come 2023.”

   Also speaking about Nyan Flomo, who is also considered a son of the soil and a humanitarian in the district, he explained that “Flomo is a failed son, and we the elders with the spirit of respect asked Mr. Bob Yini to step down during the 2017 elections for Nyan Flomo sake. Our son Bob respectfully stepped down, not even once but twice when a daughter of this soil also contested in 2011.”

   He explained further that, this time the youth and elders have resolved in carrying Bob Yini to represent the clan among other would-be contestants. 

   When asked about one of the sons of Nimba, Nyan Flomo, who contested twice, the elder again considered him as a “failed politician”.  He narrated how the youth and elders are bitter and tired with the names, Nyan Flomo and Representative Prince Togbah.

   Another popular youth in the Garr Gbiden camp three, who also preferred not to be named, also told this paper that the love and spirit for Yini within the Garr clan is a clear manifestation to any would-be contestant to give way because this is Yini’s time. He disclosed that the youth of Gbiden have resolved to rally support for Yini, especially seeing the bridges, road and bus stops under construction through his influence.

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