ZODDA President Commends GOL For Development In Zorzor


The President of the Zorzor District Development Association (ZODDA), Saywalah Kesselly, has commended the Government of Liberia (GOL) for carrying out development in Zorzor District, Lofa County.

   Kesselly statement is predicated upon the latest action by the CDC-led government as it relates to the pavement of Zorzor District’s roads and the installation of street lights among other developments currently taking place in that part of the county.

   According to him, Zorzor District and Lofa County at large were forgotten by previous administrations of the government, emphasizing that every district in Lofa County deserves development like other counties in Liberia.

 The ZODDA President disclosed that his group is a non-political and not-for-profit group, but that the latest decision by the government in that part of the country is worth mentioning by any good citizen, noting that ZODDA will forever remain grateful to the Weah administration.

   Kesselly made the statement during an exclusive interview with the Hot Pepper on February 16, 2022 via mobile phone.

   When questioned about ZODDA’s impact in Zorzor District, he responded as saying that the group has been able to provide funding to the Curran Lutheran Hospital—the only hospital in Zorzor District.

   At the same time, Kesselly commended the Minister of Health for adding an additional US$100,000 to the hospital’s operational fund.

   He said ZODDA is currently working with local stakeholder groups on assessment regarding issues confronting the forward march of the district. According to him, health, education, agriculture and economic development are at the top of ZODDA’s priorities for this year.

   He noted that his team is interested in sharing responsibilities to address issues.

   Kesselly spoke on a wide range of national issues confronting Zorzor District and Lofa County at large, but ended by calling for collective effort to address Lofa County’s development problems.

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