13th Judicial Circuit Court: Justice And Purgation In Korean Businessmen’s Case


THE STATE, REPRESENTED by the Ministry of Justice, has accepted full responsibility for the conduct of the National security Agency (NSA) in the case involving the four Korean businessmen, and pleaded with the Judge, Her Honor Judge Mardea Chenoweth, to temper justice with mercy because the state was confronted with serious economic crises. This victory for justice occurred during the hearing of the case on September 30, 2020 at the 13th Judicial Circuit Court, Kakata, Margibi County.

JUDGE CHENOWETH, RESIDENT Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Margibi County, proceeded to both give justice to the Koreans, as deserved, and purge the Judiciary of a scenario which caused international damage to its reputation as the court of law: the Judge awarded the four Korean nationals US$349,000.00 (three hundred forty nine thousand US dollars) in special damages and US$1 million for the inhumane treatment the four Koreans suffered in the custody of the NSA.

THE US$349,000 IN special damages was because of the losses made by the Koreans due to the harassment by the NSA. The losses include monies spent on plane tickets, travelling allowance, hotel accommodation and other valuables that were taken away by the NSA and were never returned.

BACKED BY PROPER documentation, they proved to the court that they came to the country with thousands of US dollars in cash that the NSA officers took from them and was never returned.

THE ACTION BY the NSA agents, Alexander Graham, Terrance Doe, Railey Farley, Derrick Momo and Solomon Nelson, which critics of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government described as broad-day robbery, which was first exposed by the National Chronicle in 2014.

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