“41 Fire Incidents, Eleven Deaths In 2023”; Fire Experts Reveal


A local fire prevention and monitoring firm has released a report detailing the level of destruction to lives and properties caused by fire outbreaks in varied communities across the country over the last 14 months.

   The report, commissioned by the Liberia Fire Safety Supply, indicated that at least 11 persons lost their lives in 41 fire incidents between January 2023 and February 2024. Most of the victims, the report noted, were women, children and elderlies trapped in buildings during the blazes.

   The Liberia Fire Safety Supply report attributed the outbreaks to electrical fault, negligence in handling inflammable materials, and the lack of preventive infrastructure to deal with the situation. The expert group warmed that more harms are expected unless preventive measures are put in place to stop future fire incidents.

   Speaking to the Hot Pepper at his Gardnerville office at the weekend, the senior author of the report and Founder of the Fire Prevention Group, Josephus Debblay, said his organization has developed a framework aimed at minimizing fatalities during major fire outbreaks in all communities across Liberia.

   Debblay explained that the plan includes mandatory installation of smoke detectors in government entities, residential quarter and commercial building to detect fire at all time. He emphasized that, if approved by the Legislature and the Executive Branch, the measure will help alert occupants to any potential fire hazard and save lives and properties.

   Debblay said the preventive measure also includes the provisions of mass awareness and education on the causes and prevention of fire, using flyers and media outlets.

   Josephus Debblay is a United States fire expert with a wide range of experience in firefighting and prevention.

   Meanwhile, relatives and friends of victims of fire disasters have welcomed a proposed compulsory installation of smoke detectors as a major breakthrough in preventing fire incidents.

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