AFL Widows Honor “General Power”


The widows and children of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) have honored ex-rebel commander, “General Power” for ensuring that they got their benefits from the government.

   The honoring program, which was held Saturday, July 23, 2023 at the National Veterans Affairs of the AFL on the Star Base, Bushrod Island, brought together hundreds of widows and children of the Armed Forces of Liberia, including a representation from the office of the President of Liberia, George M. Weah.

   Giving more reasons for the special recognition of Augustine J. Nagbe alias “General Power”, Musu Kermue disclosed that the honoree has stood by them for over 20 years of their suffering.

   The AFL Widows Co-Chair underscored that their tough time, when neither some past governments nor top stakeholders could recognize them for their late husbands’ sacrifices to the country, “General Power” did not sit and watch them suffer.

   She indicated that all along they were described by others as Christmas widows, July 26 widows, US$25 widows and a bag of rice widows because they were in pursuit of their benefits from the government.

   Kermue said the AFL women are virtuous ladies with word, and they are not ungrateful to those who seek their welfare as in the case of Augustine Nagbe, “General Power”.

   The Co-Chair further averred that, regardless of the flogging many of their colleagues received from state security, for which some of the widows died in the process of seeking justice, they (AFL widows) unapologetically chose to support President George Manneh Weah.

   According to her, they had received numerous cogent calls from some influential individuals in the country who tried to manipulate their minds to turn against the Liberian leader, but they rejected those plans on ground that there was a tomorrow, which they are enjoying now under the Coalition for Democratic Change led-government.

   Musu Kermue noted that no stakeholder has tolerated what she called their nonsense and drastic steps taken than “General Power” and, as such, he deserves their honor as a father, mentor, defender and the leader figure he is to them.

   She further revealed that it was through the tireless efforts of “General Power”—his calls, messages and series of meetings held with President Weah and his Executive Chief for Protocols, Ambassador Nora Finda Bundoo—that today they are no longer protesting on the streets for their benefits.

   “Our father went through stress to get George Weah’s feet to the fire. He further went through sleepless nights to make Finda Bundoo pick up her phone. The Bible says, little is much when God is in it, and so the little we’re benefiting from George Weah today, we are happy,” Musu Kermue added.

   Gowning Augustine J. Nagbe alias” General Power”, the Chair of the AFL Women and Children, Mary Allison, disclosed that President Weah is the only Liberian leader who continues to seek the interest of the citizens since President Samuel Kanyon Doe’s regime.

   She said during past regimes, the AFL widows and children used to take home a few cups of rice, unlike this CDC led-government when each beneficiary is taking home a full bag of rice.

   Allison also lauded “General Power” for his support to them, underscoring that it is important for each member to remember him in their daily prayers for his kindness.

   At the same time, the Chair said Ambassador Nora Finda Bundoo actually deserves the name, “Rescue Mother”, because she feels for humans and she loves humans irrespective of their background.

   Meanwhile, upon receiving the honor, Augustine Nagbe alias “General Power” thanked the AFL Widows and children for recognizing his sacrifices to humanity.

   Power, on behalf of Nora Finda Bundoo, promised that the Liberian government will always be around the AFL widows and children, adding that under no condition will the government betray or neglect its own people.

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