AML Provides Short-Term Jobs For Youths In Host Communities


ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) has started providing unskilled jobs for young people in Yarmein District, Nimba County. The company has hired dozens of youths from the mining towns and villages to do daily roadside brushing of major roads in the district.

   These young workers are being paid a daily rate and are also given meals by the company. The duration of the work is currently unknown.

   Community leaders from the 12 mining towns and villages in AML’s host areas had asked the company to provide jobs for the youth. They believe this initiative will help empower young men in the communities. The company listened to the community’s needs and responded by providing these jobs, highlighting the importance of dialogue and partnership in achieving common goals.

   On Tuesday reporters who spoke to some of the workers said the job opportunity comes at a crucial time for young people and their families, especially with the July 26, Independence Day, celebration is fast approaching. They said, with this, they can earn additional income and enable their families to better prepare for the festivities by purchasing food, clothes, and other essentials to celebrate the national holiday with dignity and joy.

   Many of the youth doing the roadside brushing said having a job brings a sense of pride and purpose. It allows them to contribute to their families and communities, which boosts their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. By being employed, even temporarily, they say youth can develop work ethics and gain experience that could help them in future job opportunities.

   The roadside brushing also has direct benefit for the community as it seeks to ensure well-maintained roads, which are crucial for safe and efficient transportation, which is especially important during the Independence Day celebration when travel and activity increase.

   As often said, better roads can enhance access to festivities and ensure that everyone can participate in the celebrations safely.

   ArcelorMittal Liberia’s efforts and commitment to long- and short-term jobs creating go beyond this project. Over the years, the company has been working to create jobs of such nature that can inject money into the local economy. This kind of economic empowerment not only helps the young workers and their families, but also supports local businesses that provide goods and services to these families.

   It is expected that these kinds of cooperation between ArcelorMittal and the community in its areas of operation, especially in Yarmein District, would show positive outcomes for peace in the concession areas.

   Sources within AML have hinted that there is hope that more projects like this will be developed in the future, offering long-term employment solutions. With these kinds of initiatives, and given that there is now continued discussions between ArcelorMittal and community leaders facilitated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more initiatives that benefit the people of Yarmein District and other areas could come.

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