Aspirant Levi: “Solid Waste Management Is Key To District #7”


The issue of solid waste management across Liberia has become one of the major challenges affecting every segment of the Liberian society.

  The latest statement coming from Butu Levi, an aspirant of district #7, Montserrado County, regarding solid waste  is not strange to the prevailing reality of garbage in several communities of Montserrado County.

   According to him, over the years district #7 has been suffering from the issue of proper solid waste management system due to the inability of the district’s lawmaker to deal with the problem.

   Levi, who has been into politics for years and is now the Vice Chair for Administration of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Youth Congress, condemned the entire 12-year tenure of Representative Solomon George, district #7, Montserrado County.

   He also mentioned that Representative George’s tenure at the Legislature was not impactful to the district. Levi noted that district #7 has been completely under-represented at the level of the Legislature. According to him, Representative George under-performance at the lower House is not a secret to residents of the district and Liberia at large.

   The district #7 2023 representative-aspirant challenged the district’s incumbent to point out his tangibles in the district.

   Levi, who is a graduate student studying environmental engineering at Near East University, Turkey, Eastern Europe, promised to introduce a new solid waste management system to address the huge challenge involving solid waste control.

   He said his leadership will work in collaboration with the MCC and the EPA to solve the waste issue, and that when this is done more jobs will be created for dwellers of the district.

   The district’s aspirant also mentioned that his leadership will introduce integrated water resource management, meant to provide safe-drinking water for the district.

   He promised to work along with the LEC in providing consistent electricity to the district.

   The aspirant explained that he has initiated a cleaning-up campaign in the district to help clean the environment.

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