BMMC Identifies With Fallen Employee’s Family


Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC) has identified with the family of its deceased employee, Abdulai Kamara, who worked with the Transport Department of the company as a truck driver.

   Kamara accidentally ran off the descending ramp and tumbled into the open pit in Kinjor. Due to that, the company asked all employees to stay home in solidarity with his family, with salaries for the day-off being paid.

  So, on Friday, June 9, 2023, in observance of the Islamic rites, the third- and seventh-day feasts for the late Kamara were held in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County.

   Making the disclosure at the event, the General Manager of the company, Reza Karimiyan, said the company stands with the family, and will ensure that all severance benefits for the late Kamara are paid. He described the late Kamara as a dedicated person.

   Karimiyan was accompanied by the Administrative Manager, Alpaslan Ozbilze; Human Resource Manager, Oliver Gipli; Human Resource Superintendent, Thompson Darblo; and Community Relations Department Head, Aminata Kamara.

   He said BMMC will stand by the late Kamara’s family during and after the bereavement. He said the company values its employees and each employee is seen as an asset.

   Prior to the two-day sacrifice of the late Kamara, the Management on Friday, June 9, 2023, presented to the bereaved family a cash amount of US$3,401.23 for the sacrifice as was requested by the family for food and non-food items and transportation.

   Meanwhile, family members of the late Kamara who came from Sierra Leone and other parts of Liberia thanked the management of the company for the level of love and concerns shown them since the death of their son.

    The wife of the deceased, Famatta Kamara, said the action exhibited by the company during the home-going and Islamic rites of her late husband proved that the company has good working relations with her late husband.

   But journalists attending the event observed that not union representative attended the ceremony. When a union member was called to make remarks, no one showed up, an action which annoyed the family members. Even at the mosque, it was observed that no union representative went up the stage to speak.

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