Buchanan Defies Heavy Rainfall For Weah; Proves Unconditional Love


The people of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, over the weekend proved what many considered unconditional love for His Excellency President George M. Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) by turning out en mass to receive the President and his entourage amidst a heavy downpour of rain.

   Supporters were seen using chairs, buckets, umbrellas and other materials to cover from the heavy downpour, as they seem relentless in proving their affirmation for President Weah’s second-term bid.

   President Weah and his entourage began their nationwide citizens engagement in Grand Bassa County on Friday, September 1, 2023, beginning with Little Bassa and Waka Town in electoral districts #1 and #2, where he inspired young people to seize the opportunities he has created for them to have a good and prosperous future.

   Addressing residents of the two towns on the first stop of his tour of Grand Bassa on Friday, President Weah admonished young people not to allow failed leaders of yesterday to hijack their future—the good and favorable future he is providing them through the heartening educational initiatives put in place.

   “I am one of you…my life story is not different from yours. Here, today, I am standing before as your President. You, too, can be President one day,” the CDC Standard Bearer prodded the cheering crowd.

   He told young Liberians that gone are the days when being President was a taboo for a particular group of Liberians, and at the same time a right for another group of Liberians.

   The President said he launched what he calls the “people’s struggle” to change such demeaning and segregating narrative so that every Liberian, no matter where they are or who their parents are, can harness their future.

   “Young people, don’t allow this glorious opportunity to slip out of your hands because the future belongs to you. This is our moment,” the President said.

   He maintained that his opponents want him out of power out of jealousy because of the opportunities he has given the youth of Liberia, saying their campaign is to deny them access to better lives and a prosperous future.

   The CDC strongman went on urging the people of Little Bassa and Waka Town to join ranks with all Liberians to re-elect him so that their county and the country are taken to the heights of development.

   President Weah seasoned his stimulating remarks with a firing and nerves-racking battle-cry that left the citizens of Little Bassa and Waka Town spellbound, including defying the downpour of rain which he described as “shower of blessings”.

   The Liberian Leader’s last citizens engagement program of the day in Buchanan City itself saw thousands of cheering crowd defying the very drenching and thundering weather, singing and dancing to the famous “yor yor yor” song.

   In a brief but electrifying statement at the Fairground, the President thanked the highly jubilant citizens for the show of commitment, love and respect by defying the bad weather and darkness to receive him and pledge their support to his second term bid.

   He told the mixed crowd of young people that the struggle is not about him any longer, but about them and their future.

   The CDC Political Leader encouraged the people of Buchanan to go to the polling centers on October 10 to re-elect him to enable him to build the roads they have asked him to build, and to sustain the progress made.

   He was welcomed traditionally by the chiefs, elders and zoes in every district.

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