Buu Yao District To Get A Technical College Soon


Buu Yao district, situated in northeastern parts of Nimba County, is benefiting from the construction of a modern technical college in the district.

   The technical college is under construction by K. Foundation. K. Foundation is a charitable group seeking to provide assistance to issues confronting the wellbeing of citizens of Buu Yao District and Liberia at large.

   Speaking with K. Foundation Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kwazee Kwazee, he noted that the establishment of the Buu Yao Technical College was predicted upon the need to transform the young people of the Buu Yao District.

   According to him, the Liberian civil war started from there, and since then nothing much has happened in terms of the transformation of the young people there.

   CEO Kwazee explained that as a citizen from Buu Yao district based in the United States of America, he has been thinking about the impact he can make in the district.

   According to him, having done his assessment across Nimba, he came to the conclusion that Nimba County has more high schools than colleges for Nimbaians to attend. He disclosed that his K. Foundation Technical College project was launched predicted upon this assessment.

   K. Foundationโ€™s CEO noted that his technical college will provide formal and informal education to the public. He said the objective of the foundation is to include all in its empowerment platform. The technical college, when completed, will be the first technical college in north-eastern Nimba County.

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