CDC Challenges Election Results In Three Counties; Writes Election Magistrates


The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has filed an official complaint of election irregularities observed during the November 14 presidential run-off election and requested that the National Elections Commission (NEC) conduct a complete re-run in a number of districts in Nimba, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh counties.

   In an apparent disagreement with President George M. Weah, who has conceded defeat and congratulated his rival, the CDC, as a party, has written the Election Magistrates of the three counties and catalogued issues it considered as amounting to grave election irregularities and fraud.

   In the letter of complaint written to the Election Magistrate of Upper Nimba County, Milton G. Paye, the CDC claimed that intimidation tactics, including storming of voting precinct, beating of CDC poll watchers and deterrence of CDC voters, took place in districts #1, #3, #5and #7, as well as massive ballot stuffing in favor of the Unity Party (UP) by its supporters.

   The CDC alleged that “at Ganta YMCA precinct, district #1, Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung, Vice Presidential Candidate of the Unity Party, during his arrival of voting at that precinct he and his entire security, including other supporters who were not registered at that precinct, demanded for their forceful voting, which was granted by the presiding officers. A specific case of two of our poll watchers at said precinct, namely: Raymond McCrity and Rufus Yarkpawolo, were severely flogged on the orders of Senator Jeremiah Koung when they raised concerns as to why non-registered voters at that precinct, accompanied by him, should vote. At the moment, Raymond and Rufus are undergoing serious medical attention from life-threatening injuries. The party wishes to register this election malpractice.”

   The CDC is demanding that the NEC quarantine all votes tallied in the areas until the issues are investigated, as well as a complete re-run in Nimba County’s districts #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7.

   In a press conference held at the CDC headquarters on Sunday, November 19, 2023, the Secretary General of the party, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, lamented that, although the statement made by the CDC Standard Bearer, President Weah, is respected, the CDC as a party has issues with the conduct of the election in Nimba, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh counties, and that the party’s complaints have already been filed with the NEC, and is determined to take a collective action to ensure that the right things are done.

   “What we will not tolerate is injustice. What we will not condone is fraudulent election. What we will not permit is gross disadvantage,” Koijee sounded. “The Standard Bearer has spoken, and we respect that, but as a party we have issues in Nimba, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh, and we will take a collective action to have the needful done,” he added.

   He noted that President Weah is their leader and, as such, they deserve clarity for whatever decision he has taken relating to the November 14, 2023 presidential run-off election.

   Koijee underscored that the ruling establishment has always committed itself to a free, fair and peaceful election, and called on all partisans to disengage from being involved in any illegal and undemocratic action as a result of the unfavorable election results.

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