CDC Youth League Commits To Democratic, Violence-Free Election

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The National Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has committed itself to a democratic and violence-free election in Liberia.

   The Youth League National Chair, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson, was speaking at the CDC‘s one million citizen rally for a “One Round Victory” held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia over the weekend, ahead of the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

   Chairman Johnson noted that the maintenance and protection of the peace and stability of the country is a collective effort of all patriotic citizens, especially the youthful community.

   “Mr. President, we want to let you know that we’re here for you just as you have always been there for us. The young people of this country are forever grateful, and we want to reassure you that a one-round victory for the CDC is inevitable,” he told President George Manneh Weah.

   He also recounted that on December 30, 2022 the young people of the CDC Youth League declared an ensuing “one-round victory” for the party come the October 10 polls, adding that the certainty is based on numerous voters’ perception survey by international organizations.

   Johnson noted that, from all indications, the Youth League has seen how committed the Liberian people are to making history in electing President Weah on the first ballot.

   He intimated that “the mammoth convergence of Liberians at the ATS is just a glimpse of what we are to see at the ballot box come October 10 for the CDC”.

   At the same time, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson underscored that electing President Weah is a youthful mandate, and this mandate has well been received by the young people of Liberia.

   According to him, the Weah-Taylor government has carried out massive development that has cut across every sector and, notably road, education, infrastructure, economy and rule of law.

   “We want to say to you, Mr. President, that your second term should be about empowering 500,000 young people in diverse sectors of our country and providing the fullest support to the national cadet program to prepare many young people for the job market,” he intoned.

   “The Youth League believes that over the last five years the Liberian leader has touched everything, and it’s about time to put job creation for young people at the forefront in his second term,” Chairman Johnson stated.

   Meanwhile, the CDC National Youth League Chairperson said to the first-time voters that this is their moment and time to achieve their long-term wish of electing President Weah.

   “This is the moment for the first-time voters to claim their first victory. Five years back, it was these first-time voters’ parent voting for President Weah, and it is their time to join their parents in electing President Weah on the first ballot,” said Johnson.

   According to him, the young people are in gear and excited to be a part of history in voting Pres. Weah on the first ballot.

   Reporters noted that the Youth League, which holds the largest segment of the party, was seen marching from the Vamoma House in Congo Town to the ATS in a spectacular form with thousands waving the Liberian flags to the sky, thus signifying peace and country first.

   The CDC campaign launch on Thursday brought the entire city at a standstill with partisans trooping from all walks of life, marching to the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

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