Church Representatives Begin Two-Day Crucial Skills Training


The Cyrus Community, Kenya, in collaboration with Christ Redemption World Outreach Ministries International, is conducting a two-day training workshop for fifteen (15) church representatives in crucial skills in outreach using media and discipleship. 

ย ย  The event is hosted by Rev. Joseph Neufville of the Christ Redemption World Outreach, and runs from June 8โ€”9, 2023 at the Mamba Point Hotel.

Rev. Joseph Neufville, Host

   Making the disclosure to the Hot Pepper, Charles Opiyo said, โ€œGreetings to the wonderful people of Liberia! We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event brought to you by Nomad Academy at the Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia, on the 8th and 9th of June 2023.โ€

   Opiyo, who is the lecturer of the two-day series, said, โ€œThis unique two-day event is designed to equip representatives from 15 different churches with crucial skills in outreach using media and discipleship, as part of our mission to build stronger, more connected communities through faith.

   โ€œWe look forward to seeing how these newly-trained individuals will impact their churches and neighborhoods, using these tools to inspire growth, unity, and positive change. Let’s unite and enhance the power of faith in our nation.โ€

ย ย  He noted, โ€œFor those interested, they can enroll for the free course by visiting where after successful completion they will receive a media kit and a grantย toย doย projects.โ€

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