CRCA And Partners Dedicate Seven Hand Pumps In Lofa


Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA), Water of Life, and the Last Well institutions operating in Liberia have dedicated seven pumps out of its seventeen wells drilled in Foya and Koluhun districts in Lofa County.

   Speaking at the dedication ceremonies held in separate locations in Koluhun District over the weekend in Lofa County, Northern Liberia, the presiding Bishop of Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA), Dennis Aggrey, told the rural dwellers in that part of the country that the wells project was made available through the joint partnership of CRCA, Water of Life, and Last Well institutions in Liberia.

   According to him, CRCA and its partners committed themselves last year to the people of Lofa County to provide clean drinking water to twenty towns and villages in the two districts of the county.

   He said the on-going well initiative was designed to benefit 6,000 households in that part of the country. CRCA Bishop also noted that clean drinking water is paramount to the growth and development of Lofa County.

   When asked about the quality of the wells drilled across Lofa, he responded by saying that they are drilling eighty (80) to one hundred and fifty (150) feet per well.

   The jubilant citizens who attended the dedication ceremonies in Kolahun and its surrounding towns and villages praised CRCA and its development partners for providing them clean drinking water.

   According to citizens there, clean drinking water has been one of their major problems confronting their livelihood. They explained that from time in memorial they have been drinking from creeks and other unsafe areas in their towns and villages.

   The dedicatory ceremonies was well attended by CRCA’s drilling team, Kpehe Blama, Political Adviser to Senator Steve Zergo, Falkpai Roberts, Project Planner for Lofa County, Abdullah Tway, Kolahun District Commissioner, among others in Lofa County.

   Currently, CRCA and its partners are drilling seventeen wells across Lofa County.

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