CSO “Hooks” Cllr. Momoh For Gender-Based Violence And Plan To Eliminate Nellon Through Black Magic–PART II


The Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) has provided detailed narration about an alleged plan by Cllr. Johnny Momoh to eliminate his longtime fiancée through the use of black magic, commonly known as “juju”. It can be recalled that on May 11, 2023, in part one of this article, the prodemocracy group expressed condemnation and disappointment in Cllr. Johnny Momoh for humiliating and demeaning Marie Nellon (his fiancée for over 8 years). The group explained that on April 8, 2023 Cllr. Momoh led a group of thugs and notorious guys at Nellon’s home, broke into her house and threw all of her belongings into the streets while she was away to do her Covid-19 Vaccine. “This reckless and irresponsible action by Cllr. Momoh led to Madam Nellon to lose several of her belongings, including US$500,000 worth of jewelries, clothes and money amounting to US$75,387, 3,000 Euros and CF$5,000. Madam Marie Nellon immediately took Cllr. Johnny Momoh to court for remedy in recovering her belongings and money,” a CSNL release claimed.

Alleged dead owl before Madam Nellon’s House

   Presenting part two of its investigation conducted on Cllr. Momoh’s alleged act of gender-based violence against his fiancée, Nellon, the Civil Society Network of Liberia informed the media that Cllr. Momoh has fought overtime to eliminate Nellon. The group stated, “Apart from inflicting psychological and emotional violence against Madam Marie Nellon, our investigation reveals that Cllr. Momoh fought to eliminate his fiancée, Madam Nellon, through the use of ‘juju’ because of her constant worship and prayers to God on a daily basis. On November 20, 2022, Cllr. Momoh left his fiancée, Madam Nellon, in the house and began to sleep out with another woman. He then embarked on tormenting the lady through witchcraft activities. She regularly saw strange things in her dreams and physically saw a dead owl before the house. Madam Nellon was fought spiritually in her sleep. She regularly saw Cllr. Momoh ‘choking’ her,  and being killed in her sleep. He took her name to several ‘medicine men’ to kill her through ‘juju’. She even saw alligator in her dreams, which signals the downfall of a potent or wealthy person. Our investigation also established that Cllr. Momoh is against the things of God because of his involvement in witchcraft activities. Having accommodated Cllr. Momoh for six years at her place, Madam Nellon and Cllr. Momoh built a house. She spent over US$90,000.00 on the construction of the house. Cllr. Momoh deceived and betrayed Madam Nellon by putting the house in his son’s name without her consent. Not satisfied, Cllr. Momoh threw the lady out of the house that she used her hard-earned money to build without a sense of remorse and due diligence.

   “The Civil Society Network of Liberia wants to makes it unequivocally clear that Cllr. Johnny Momoh is a shameless and disgraceful person whose character does not reflect the law profession. It is unimaginable for a well-known lawyer in Cllr. Momoh to have caused so much psychological and emotional pain for a Liberian woman who was his serious fiancée for eight years. What is much more painful is Cllr. Momoh’s plan to eliminate Madam Nellon. Cllr. Momoh is a heartless and inhumane figure who used several means to eliminate this lady to the satisfaction of his extra-relationship.

   “Consequently, the Civil Society Network of Liberia calls on the Liberia National Bar Association to immediately suspend the legal license of Cllr. Momoh, investigate him for perpetrating gender-based violence and scheming to eliminate his fiancée, Madam Marie Nellon. We also urge the Brewerville Magistrate Court to do a speedy and impartial hearing of Madam Marie Nellon’s case against Cllr. Momoh, as the attention of all prodemocracy groups will follow the case at the court. This Liberian lady deserves justice. The Civil Society Network of Liberia will continue to stand with Madam Nellon and will continue to advocate until she gets justice.” 

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