Cummings Says: Strong Private Sector For Massive Job Creation


The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, says his enviable track record of achievements and successes in the most competitive, corporate world, America, where he managed an over U$200 billion budget, without blemish, sets him apart as the best presidential candidate in the race.

   Cummings said he intends to apply the same managerial skills and expertise, using the best of Liberian professionals to resuscitate the country’s ailing economy for massive job creation.

   Speaking on the Truth Breakfast show on Monday, August 20, Cummings said he has an appreciable understanding of how to develop the country’s private sector and create job opportunities for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

   Responding to questions on his vision and what he will do, Cummings said a CPP government would prioritize infrastructure development, including roads, electricity and water supply system, which are critical to improving and growing the economy.

   He vowed to cut down waste and stealing in government, reduce logistics expenditures, including luxury vehicles, expand the tax collection base and ensure the country gets the full value of its natural resources, without necessarily terminating any concession agreement.

   He said resources from these areas will be redeployed to address critical needs in the health and educational sectors, aimed at reducing Liberia’s dependency on its international partners for everything.

   Cummings stated that investments in developing a strong private sector led by Liberians, backed by a strong agro-based economy, and eco-tourism, will create massive jobs, with less reliance on government as the largest employer.

   “We will restore salaries that were cut by the CDC, shrink the size of government, while at the same time grow the private sector for job creation,” the CPP Standard Bearer said.

   Cummings, referring to the educational system, said, a CPP government will prioritize training and adequate payment of teachers for better output, and establishment of vocational training for youths and adults education.

   On improving the country’s health care delivery services, the CPP Standard Bearer Cummings said emphasis will be on training of nurses and midwives, with adequate compensation, as well as ensuring all health facilities are fully equipped and stocked with sufficient drugs.

   On the growing insecurity in Liberia, Cummings said a CPP government would ensure a functional independent Judiciary and judges as well as provision of professional training for all security apparatus, including the police and soldiers, with adequate compensation aimed at improving the criminal justice system.

   He said an improved security environment, with a trusted and independent judicial system, will certainly attract direct foreign investments that will also help to create massive jobs for Liberians.

   Meanwhile, the CPP Standard Bearer, responding to questions about the “confidence level” in the National Elections Commission (NEC), expressed worry about the general capacity of the Commission to conduct free, fair and transparent elections on October 10.

   He said unlike the past administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, when opposition community recommended Liberians for appointment to the NEC, President George Weah elected to appoint all the NEC commissioners.

   Cummings said while the CPP is seriously concerned, it will however monitor and ensure that the October 10 elections are conducted freely, fairly and transparently.

   He said President Weah has the Constitutional responsibility to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, without violence.

   On the over-decoration of major streets and light poles in Monrovia with the President’s campaign photos, Cummings said these are sure signs and indications that the CDC wants to cheat, “and it is setting the stage with false claims of one-round victory”.    The CPP Standard Bearer said these political gimmicks and the wasteful spending of the taxpayers money to fund the CDC campaign amount to abuse of power and gross misuse of public resources.

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