Editorial: “It Is For A Better Liberia That We Have Come To Exist”


THE HARD-EARNED gains of the Comprehensive Accra Peace Accord is often the focus of the stakeholders of the peace of August 2003, who frequently remind Liberians to do all within their power to maintain the peace. They frequently caution the Liberian people to ensure that the gains of Accra are not reversed. To the honor of the fathers of the peace of 2003 is the fact that the social, political and democratic gains of Accra are well in advancement. The Hot Pepper can speak of the only recently held December 8, 2020 elections, the concrete example of democracy in full swing, as one of the evidences of this. The free, democratic climate which ensures the participation of numerous political parties in the decision-making of the government is another. The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has confirmed this. On Monday, December 21, 2020 the PLP was accredited and certificated by the NEC as a fully-fledged political party to operate in the country. The Organizing Chairman of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Tappleh E. Doe, said the party is ready to change the political dynamics of the country.

 “ON BEHALF OF the leadership and members of the People’s Liberation Party, it is my honor to receive this certificate. This certificate formally authorizes the People’s Liberation Party to operate in the country as a bonafide political party organization. We know that this certificate confers upon us the fullness of rights and privileges accorded all registered political parties. Therefore, we are thankful, honored and humbled to receive it.

“WE ALSO COMMIT to organize differently, and act responsibly, so as to earn the respect, trust and confidence of the Liberian people. It is for all Liberians—the young, the old, the haves, the have-nots, the educated, the uneducated—it is for all of our people that we have organized this party. It is for a better Liberia that we have come to exist,” Doe noted. “It is for change, for freedom, for respect for the rule of law, and to seek the best for our country—to seek the best for our children, and their children—that we have come to exist.”

IT IS TO be good exemplars—to give back to our country with honor and integrity, to care for the conditions of others so that each has a chance to be lifted up, and to dutifully pursue unity and peace in the development of our country, that we have organized ourselves into the People’s Liberation Party. As our motto states, ‘The Time Is Now’, and we are ready! I thank you.”

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