ELWA And Du-Port Road Corridor Closed For Construction–Ministry Of Public Works Announces

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The Ministry of Public Works has announced that, due to the on-going construction between the ELWA and Du-Port Road corridor, effective Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 12:00 midnight, the corridor will be closed to vehicular traffic for a period of two months to accelerate construction.

    In a statement issued over the weekend, the ministry disclosed that the road will be reopened to vehicular traffic on Wednesday, May 5, 2023 at 12:00 midnight.

    “All vehicles heading towards ELWA’s intersection from Tubman Boulevard shall access the road adjacent the LRA Building, which shall then be a one-lane access point temporarily by directive of the Liberia National Police Traffic Division,” the MPW statement noted.

   “Motorists shall then drive down at the end of the road and make a right turn to get controlled access to the AB Tolbert Road towards Du-Port Road intersection.

    “Vehicles using the route from AB Tolbert Road towards the ELWA intersection shall make a right turn behind the LRA Building, as there will be a “no-go zone” beyond the intersection towards Jahmale.

   “Motorists en route to the ELWA–SKD Stadium Road shall divert to SD Cooper Road as the road will be temporarily closed to the public around the Fawaz Building Materials Store,” the statement continued.

    “Vehicles plying from ELWA intersection–AB Tolbert Road to the main Du-Port Road intersection shall make a stop and bend to the left at the PYJ/Watch Tower intersection where a concrete barrier will be placed as a sign of road closure.

   “All traffic from Du-Port Road towards the main intersection shall make a right turn only at the Total Filling Station by directive of the Traffic Police. Meanwhile, all traffic from Benson Hospital Road towards the Du-Port Road intersection shall make a left turn at the Total Filling Station. There will be no unauthorized access to vehicles, motorcycles or kehkeh (tricycles) beyond the Total Filling Station as there will be concrete barriers to restrict movements.

    “Vehicles making access to the main Du-Port Road Intersection towards AB Tolbert–ELWA intersection shall make a right turn by Total Filling Station towards Benson Hospital and make a left turn opposite the hospital towards the main carriageway, and then another left turn towards the Police Academy intersection towards SKD Boulevard Road and beyond.

   “Vehicles from Zayzay Community to Benson Hospital to Du-Port Road shall follow the same directive as mentioned earlier and/or drive directly to the T intersection: Du-Port Road/Total Filling Station and make a left turn to Du-Port Road, GSA Road, Rehab and beyond.

    “The Ministry of Public Works therefore solicits the cooperation of all, including motorists, business owners, the Liberia National Police (LNP) through its Traffic Division and the general public, as all is being done to restore normal traffic movement beyond the stipulated closure of the road, which runs from Sunday, March 5 – Wednesday, May 5, 2023.

   “Please note however, that the closure of the two intersections—ELWA and Du-Port Road—will not be simultaneous. Du-Port Road intersection will be closed first; within three weeks of its closure, ELWA intersection will be closed. This is intended to mitigate whatever inconveniences the general public would face as a consequence of these traffic restrictions,” the release added.

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