Emmanuel Dahn Cautions District #7 Electorate


As the October 10, 2023 presidential and senatorial elections draw closer, district #7 Representative-Candidate, Emmanuel Dahn, has cautioned the people of the district to ask all those asking for their votes, “Where were you when we had no school to help us learn; to be able to put food on our tables?” Ask them, he said, “Where were you during the time of the Coronavirus?” he noted that they were out of the country, but were only coming now because of the election period—to seek their votes.

  Dahn was speaking on August 20, 2023 during the 4th graduation exercise of the Emmanuel Dhan Foundation D-Skill Training Center (DSSTC) Vocational School, which trains youths in trade disciplines.

  The Heritage Block on Broad Street also joined the occasion with their Chairman, Julis S. Fallah, alias “Kolako”, with a band parading to the P.H.P. sports pitch.

   Speaking during the colorful program, Dahn said he was happy with Pokah Roberts, his chairman, who was not like others: after they lost the elections in 2017 decided to leave the country, but Roberts decided to work with him to make district #7 better for the dwellers.

  He noted that the students are proud because they were taught how to make soap, learned computer skills, cosmetology, electricity, entrepreneurship, event decoration, cake decoration, pastry, satellite installation, journalism and tailoring.

    Dahn said after graduating from his school, the students will be able to earn their own money to put food on their table rather than waiting for men or their parents to come home before they can find food to eat.

    He however sounded his regret that, for all of the good things he was doing for the youths there were some people he called “evil men” in the society who were going around spreading the gossip that the school belongs to the Ministry of Education, and he was there collecting money for himself. He said they were saying other slanderous things.

   But Dahn has assured the many people who appreciate what he was doing that he will not relent in what he is doing but will continue, and promised to do more for the people as he will not listen to those he called “lazy politicians”.

   He noted that the students were receiving “free learning” because they were only asked to pay the amount of L$5,000 for them to acquire something for their future livelihood. Dahn, also called “The Changer” by his many supporters, called on politicians to stop their lies.

   The Dahn Foundation also has an ambulance which takes sick people and pregnant women in the district #7 community to hospital at any time of the day or night “free of charge”.

    Dahn said he has built “free hand pumps”, available in such communities as Buchanan Street, P.H.P and Newport Street, and has provided a library and a radio station for the citizens’ comfort.

     Meanwhile, Dahn has thanked President George M. Weah and all well-meaning Liberians for maintaining the peace, and expressed hope to see a peaceful election come October 10, 2023.

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