Gbarpolu Gets Modern Medical Clinic


On March 19, 2019 a modern clinic was dedicated to the people of Morlaquelleh Town, district #2, Gbarpolu County, as a way of relieving citizens there of the difficulty in getting medical treatment.

   Speaking in an interview with the Hot Pepper following the dedication ceremony, Representative Koiwood disclosed that funding for the construction of the clinic came from social development funds, and was directly implemented by his office. He explained that citizens of the town and the district at large overwhelming selected the construction of the clinic in Morlaquelleh because the town lacked a health center.

   According to the Gbarpolu lawmaker, residents of the town and its surrounding towns walked several hours to seek medication in the nearby health center in the county and, therefore, the construction of the clinic in that part of the county has brought relief to citizens living in that locality. Representative Koiwood further revealed that the delay in the dedication of the clinic was because his office was working out all modalities to have the required medical equipment procured.

   Representative Koiwood placed the cost of the project at L$1.6 million and the cost of medical equipment, including microscope, at over US$2,000. The five-bedroom clinic, according to Koiwood, is being acknowledged by the government and has been captured under the Ministry of Health. Effective service, according to the lawmaker, has started with seven qualified staffs. He said two of the staffs are already on governmentโ€™s payroll, while the rest are on stipend from his office and the office of Minister Nathaniel McGill. He averred that discussions are currently going on to have the other staffs placed on governmentโ€™s payroll.

   Due to the distances between Morlaquelleh and the nearby towns, Koiwood assured citizens of the district that, in the nearby future, an ambulance will be procured by his office to help transport patients from the nearby towns and villages to the clinic. He cautioned citizens of the district to take ownership of the clinic and not solely depend on government.

   He applauded Minister McGill for his support toward the construction of the clinic. As a representative of the people and a son the county, he said his contribution toward the transformation of the county should not be politicized.

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