Grand Gedeh Citizens In The Americas Provide Free WiFi To County College


Grand Gedeh Citizens in the Americas have provided free WiFi to the county’s community college in southeastern Liberia.

   The Grand Gedeh Community College, since its establishment in middle 2000 by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, has been out of internet connectivity. Most colleges in both rural and urban areas in the country lack internet connectivity for students and administrators to use.

    Predicated upon the visit of the President of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Fred Gwyan, to the county, he made a promise on behalf the association that the county’s citizens in the Americas will provide ten  scholarships for nursing students and also help with the internet connectivity issue confronting the college.

   Gwyan noted that the WiFi presented cost the association thousands of United State dollars and its annual payment would be about US$25,000 for maintenance and up-keeping.

   At the same time, the President of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas informed the Hot Pepper that the association has purchased three pairs of incubators for the county hospital. According to him, each cost US$3,000, and that an additional US$3,000 will be used for the shipping of the machines.

   Last year, during the visit of the association’s national president, a modern market was built and supplied with one hundred concrete tables, an office space and an inside bathroom.

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