Inland Women Gown Sen.-Elect Koung For His Support To The Church

Nimba County Sen.-elect, Jeremiah Koung, gowned by Inland Church Women Wing

Women of the Inland Church in Liberia on Friday, March 19, 2021 gowned Nimba County Senator-elect, Jeremiah K. Koung, Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), for his numerous assistances to the Inland Church of Liberia, especially the women wing. The ceremony took place at the United Liberia Inland Church Women Conference Center, Johnsonville, Montserrado County.

    Speaking on behalf of the women, Nelly Nelson laid down the problems the women conference center is facing in Johnsonville. She told Senator-elect Koung that their land in Johnsonville is being illegally occupied by some individuals without the consent of the Commissioner of the district, who is aware of their property. She explained that the situation has completely embarrassed the church’s operation, and therefore needs assistance from the office of the senator-elect.

   Nelson called on Senator-elect Koung to intervene in the situation in order to find a concrete remedy to it. She appealed to Representative Koung to help the Liberia Inland Church women wing to reclaim the land, which is being illegally occupied by some individuals in Johnsonville. According to her, the situation is becoming serious, so the intervention of the government is necessary at this time.

   Nimba County Senator-elect, Jeremiah K. Koung, applauded members of the Liberia Inland Church for their prayers for the country and their support for him during the December 8 midterm senatorial election in Nimba. He told the women that his respect for women cannot be over-emphasized because it is through his mother that he gained prominence and now occupies a position in the county. He praised his mother and the women of Nimba for standing by him during his difficulty time.

   Senator-elect Koung assured the women of Inland Church of the government’s intervention in the situation concerning the Inland Church’s women conference center. He appealed to them to remain calm and continue to pursue the legal process in order to reclaim their land in the rightful and legal way. He promised them that Senator Prince Y. Johnson will surely be informed about the situation involving the land. He vowed to always be with the women of the Inland Church whenever he is called upon.

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